Rock Climbing in YangShuo

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  • Yangshuo Climbing

Yangshuo has become more than a nature seeing county, but also a place where people can practice their extreme sports. Due to the vast amount of mountains that can be found in Yangshuo many rock climbing schools have opened all around. People are quite perspective and know when to recognize a big opportunity, well opening rock climbing schools is the new gold rush in Yangshuo. The good thing is that this practice is not only for professional climbers but also novices who are trying to experience the time of their lives. The best way to start is by visiting the many sites and choosing which mountain to conquer. Not many people in the world have ever done that, so people who come to Yangshuo find it an exceptional place to try this new experience and conquer their fear of heights. There are approximately 300 climbing routes at Yangshuo. So many choices to choose from and the only thing that is stopping people is whether they have what it takes to take the first step. Yangshuo can be compared as the Disney World for adventurous people who want to truly experience and live a moment which is truly priceless.